“Eva is an angel. She has been given a gift from god that I believe is extremely rare. She isn’t like other psychics that tell you what you want to hear or make up general things about you that can be perceived with any person, she has always given me the truth. And with that,  gave me strength to get through. I desperately needed her guidance and she took me in with such pleasure and kindness.

For that I will always be grateful”.

-Clinton Richardson
Fremont, CA

“My first reading with Eva was one of the best readings that I ever had. She tuned into my situation immediately and was also sweet, kind, and genuine. I have continued to contact her, and you should too. You will not be disappointed. One of my favorite advisors.

Thank you for what you do!”.

-Pavithra Modi
San Jose, CA

“When I first visited Eva, I was a bit hesitant in seeing a psychic or even scheduling an appointment with one at all. I called her up and she immediately was able to pick up on things around me just over the phone. I was scared, but she had me feeling more comfortable in seeing a psychic just by hearing her voice. I scheduled an appointment for that same day and she was able to fit me in. After seeing her I wasn’t a skeptic about whether a person can even be psychic or not. She made me feel so much better and she proved to me that there is such a thing as “psychic” or an “intuition” and that things of the future can be perdicted. EVERYTHING she said came to pass. From exact dates to places, people, timings, and even the way I would feel psychicaly and emotionally through these upcoming times. She was right on! Give her a try.. I know its scary, but Eva makes it feel safe and helps you find faith and trust
in a psychic.”

Thank you for what you do!”.

-Donna Hopkins
Berkley, CA

“Eva has helped me shape my path and my future by working with me through her meditation techniques and chakra balancing sessions. Her office is calming and quiet and helps me to relax. Worked with me for a little over one year and I feel so strong and confident now. She is not only my healer, she is my friend.

If you feel emotionally lost, give her a call. Eva will get your life back on track.”

-J. Mukherjee
Union City, CA

At a phase in life where my routine had become hurrying to work and worrying about the events happening in my life that I could not control – I met Eva. Eva has an amazing quality of providing calm reassurances without divulging from reality and being politely encouraging so I didn’t drop in my enthusiasm to make a change in my life. With consistent counselling I have made certain positive changes like practicing meditation, learning more about energies and just being overall positive about the unknown. It so happens that we are all aware about the simple things that I have listed; however we fail to practice them. More so; it takes a beautiful soul like Eva to be patient to listen to you
(though she already knows what you are going to say) to provide you with an eye opener of the effects of your actions. Her reading is bang on and her guidance yields results. I would highly recommend Eva to anyone who are finding it difficult to get a grip of their life. Also, I want to thank Eva for being so kind and understanding and making me meet a learning experience.

All my best wishes to you to help many more people in need.
“The flower does not dream of the bee. It blossoms and the bee comes.”

-Anonymous Client